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How to Incorporate the Stylish Trend of Luxe Living Into Your Home

May 19, 2023

Home decor trends tend to come and go like the changes in the seasons, with some staying longer and others fading away quickly. One of the most popular current trends is "luxe living," or living luxuriously, and we’ve taken to fully embracing it. Why not live in a luxurious way and treat yourself, especially if it doesn’t mean breaking the bank? It really sounds like a win-win situation.

So how can you incorporate the newest, most popular trend in home decorating? Read on to find out!

Get Some Oversized Wall Art

Large pieces of wall art scream luxury to the viewer, and also provide a nice aesthetic to the overall space. The greatest part about oversized wall art is that it doesn’t have to be expensive either—in fact, you could even make the piece yourself and make it even cheaper. An abstract piece can really help to tie in the different color palettes you have in your space and can be customized with enough searching or if you simply create it yourself. Feel free to flex your creative muscle with this one for a truly stunning piece that will make your space more “you” at the same time!

Declutter Your Space

A phrase that comes to mind when it comes to luxe living is “less is more." This can apply to oversized wall art in that you have one large piece instead of multiple smaller pieces, but also to the number of items you keep in your living space. Decluttering your home can help to provide a more luxurious look and make it easier to maneuver around at the same time. While physical objects are great, the more open you keep a space, the more of a different feeling it gives off, and it can also be a completely free way to change it up. You don’t necessarily need to throw everything away either—instead, you can merely put the items into storage space and bring them out if you feel the decluttered look isn’t something you enjoy.

Try Some New Lighting Fixtures

A way to make any space more luxurious is to change up the lighting fixtures. Often we keep the fixtures the exact same as they were when we first built or purchased our homes, but with a friendly electrician’s help, you can easily change the lighting fixtures in your living space. You also don’t need to break the bank by buying a massive crystal chandelier either; fixtures that are clean, bright, and ornate can look very luxurious without being overly expensive to buy.

Paint a Feature Wall

Feature walls, similar to oversized wall art, can add a splash of color to any room. Different painting styles can also be used to bring in texture and multiple colors or can be kept to a simple, solitary color that draws attention to itself in its uniqueness. Another current home decor trend is adhesive wallpaper; putting adhesive wallpaper on one wall of the room can be an easy way to create a feature wall without having to paint it and can be easily changed if you change your mind later. You can try different colors and different patterns to your heart’s content, all the while embracing the luxe living trend.

A home from Landmark 24 Homes can provide a great space to decorate to your heart’s content. Ready to find the perfect space for you? Feel free to reach out to us or take a virtual tour today!

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